Brownings Farm: Westoe: Westoe Lodge



  • Castle Camps, Cambridgeshire
  • Scheduled Monument
  • Monument Number 1122299



Medieval moated site.

1199                            c; Passed to Hugh of Westoe, from his father Ralph

1272                            Roger of Westoe sold most of the lands to John of Sawston

1279                            Catherine, widow of John, held the lands.

1308                            John’s son and heir, William, was succeeded by his son, John, at the age of nineteen.

1360                            John still held the lands

1372                            Elizabeth Sawston was tenant of the lands.

1385                            Elizabeth Sawston and her husband Austin Keeling conveyed the estate to John Kingston of Bartlow.

1426                            Ralph, John Sawston’s son, released the Manor to Margaret, daughter of Richard, John Kingston’s son.

1450                            c; Estate belonged to John Ogdale.

1465                            John Gent, groom of the King’s Chamber released the estate to Richard Vere of Great Addington.

1493                            Richard Vere’s son, Henry, died leaving three daughters to inherit.

1526                            Elizabeth released her share of the estate to her sister Audrey and her husband, George Brown.

1538                            Amy released her share of the estate to her sister Audrey.

1555                            Audrey and her son, George Brown, sold the estate to Richard Tyrell.

1566                            Richard Tyrell died and his son Edward held it.

1613                            Edward’s son, Sir Robert Tyrell, held the estate’s following his father’s death.

1632                            Sir Robert Tyrell sold it to William, Lord Maynard.

1667                            William’s son William and William Neville of Holt mortgaged Westloe Lodge including the surrounding 26 acres.

1660                            c: The house had over ten hearths and the Library had 220 books.

1671                            Neville sold the Lodge to Clement Neville who then enlarged the estate. He then left it to his nephew, Sir Thomas Neville of Holt.

1711                            Sir Thomas Neville sold it to Elizabeth Wenyeve.

1722                            Elizabeth Wenyeve passed away and it went to William and Edward Wenyeve.

1737                            c: William and Edward sold the estate to Thomas Carter.

1748                            Thomas Carter sold it to Richard Crop, including the surrounding 32 acres.

1796                            Richard Crop died and was succeeded by his widow.

*                                  Held by Richard Crop’s great nephew, Charles Long.

1806                            Leased to Benjamin Keene, who also owned Linton. He made Westloe his principle residence.

1825                            Benjamin Keene bought the estate freehold.

1837                            Benjamin Keene died and his son CE Keene inherited.

1840                            Still standing.

1851-1861                   Demolished. Only the farmhouse, to the north of the site remains.

1863                            Benjamin Keene sold off 171 acres around the Lodge to Charles Clarke.

1996                            Site discovered through aerial photography.

1996                            Geophysical survey by Haverhill and District Archaeological Group.


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