Bourne Hall: Bourne Castle: Burne: Brune

  • Bourne, Cambridgeshire
  • Scheduled Monument
  • Monument Number 348162
  • Grade II Listed Building.


Norman ringwork enclosure with an Elizabethan house in the centre. Covering approximately 3 acres with the entrance to the north east

The castle consisted of two enclosures, one circular and measuring approximately 137 m in circumference. The other to the North West was crescent shaped and possibly the outer bailey.


*                                  Hall built partly over the site of the castle.

*                                  Private clinic.

1066-1086                   Ringwork, moat and castle constructed by Picot de Cambridge.

1086                            Granted to Barnwell Priory by Picot.

1092                            c: Picot died and his son, Robert, inherited.

*                                  Robert conspired against Henry I and his lands were confiscated.

1110                            Lands granted by Henry I to Pain Peveril.

1130                            After: Pain Peveril died and he was succeeded by William Peveril of Dover.

1174                            William Peveril went on the Second Crusade and was killed. His lands were divided between his four sisters; Maud, married to Henry of Dover; Alice, married to Hamon Peche; Asceline, married to Geoffrey de Waterville; and Rose, who was possibly married to Rollo de Harcourt.

1266                            Baron’s War: Henry III ordered that the castle be destroyed – Robert de Lyle burned it down.

1555                            Fireplace dates to.

16 C                            Timber framed house. The North West range may have originally been part of this.

17 C                            Early: John Haggar added the Hall range and the southeast range in order to enclose part of the court.

1818                            Restored and enlarged for Earl de la Warr by J. A. Repton. This included the addition of the 17th century staircase from Haslingfield Hall.

19 C                            The area between the wings was filled in.

1919                            1 May: Sir Alfred Leigh Briscoe succeeded to the title of 2nd Baronet Briscoe of Bourne Hall.

1921                            13 May: Sir John Charlton Briscoe became 3rd Baron Briscoe of Bourne Hall.

1960’s                         The Hall and Stables were restored.

1973                            Field Investigation.

1995                            Scheduled.


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