Bendish Hall: Bendyshe Hall

  • Bottisham
  • Scheduled Monument – Monument Number 374998
  • Medieval hall and moat, chapel and fishponds.
  • Sold to Peterhouse College, Cambridge.


1288                            c: Built.

1288-1307                   Elias de Bekingham lived at the Hall, he was one of Edward I’s Judges.

1700                            Prior to: Elizabeth Clenche lived at the Hall.

1774                            Rev, Joseph Davies left, the Rev. James Stephen Lushington arrived and his son was born at the Hall.

1777                            The Rev. James Stephen Lushington’s daughter, Paulina, was born at the Hall.

1780                            The Rev. James Stephen Lushington’s second son was born at the Hall.

1916                            Farmer Victor Tebbit lived at the Hall.

1968                            Field Investigation.

2001                            Scheduled.



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