Banstead Manor

Banstead Manor



  • Chevely, Cambridgeshire
  • Monument Number 377413


Medieval moat.


1308                            Manor purchased by John Banstede.

1323                            John Banstede died and his widow, Parnell, inherited.

1342                            Parnell died, outliving her two sons Edmund and Guy. Edmund’s son, John Banstede, inherited.

1358                            John died and his son, John, a minor, inherited.

1359                            John died, still a minor, and his brother, Edward, inherited.

1432                            Edward died and his son, Sir Edmund, a minor, held the manor through his mother Joan.

1448                            Joan died and Eleanor held it for Sir Edmund whilst he was still a minor.

1451                            Eleanor died and it went to Sir Edmund’s son, Sir John Banstede.

1471                            Sir John Banstede died and his son, William, inherited.

1484                            William conveyed the manor to Richard Stutvelle, through Trustees.

1506                            Richard died and Thomas (1), inherited.

1514                            Thomas died and Thomas (2) inherited.

1571                            Thomas died and Thomas (3) inherited.

1587                            Thomas (3) sold it to Sir John Cotton, who also held Chevely Manor.

1620                            Sir John Cotton sold it to Simon Folkes (1).

1642                            Sir Simon Folkes died and left it to John Raven, under the condition that it went to Simon’s nephew, Simon Folkes (2), when he died.

1652-1662                   Between: Inherited by Simon (2).

1669                            Simon (2) died and his son, John, inherited.

17 C                            House on the site was recorded with 4 hearths.

1708                            John died and his son, Martin (1) inherited.

1746                            Martin (1) died and his son, Martin (2) inherited.

1785                            Martin (2) died and it passed to his two sisters and their husbands. Fanny who had married Rev. James Thomas Head, and Mary, who had married Christopher.

1792                            Late: House on the site was rebuilt for Christopher and Mary Hans with 5 bays.

1828                            Mary died and Fanny held it.

1829                            Fanny died and it went to Christopher’s grandson, Philip Bennet.

1844                            Three arms of the moat remained and enclosed an area of 131ft by 173ft.

1853                            Philip Bennet died and his son, Philip, inherited.

1858                            Philip Bennet sold it.

1861                            Bought by William Allison.

1871                            William Allison sold it to Thomas Smith.

1876                            Thomas Smith sold it to Samual Web Slater, his son-in-law.

1885                            Moat mostly filled in.

1895                            Sold to Henry McCalmont, who owned the Chevely Estate.

1919                            Henry McCalmont’s heir, Captain Charles Ashe Windham, and Trustees sold it to James Bennie Reid.

1925                            Sold to associated of Henry Ernest-Morris, and became Banstead Manor Stud Ltd.

1926                            Demolished.

1927                            House built on the site.

1937                            c: Extended.

1968                            Field Investigation.

1987                            Sold to Prince Khalid Abdullah’s Juddmonte Farms Ltd.

1990’s                         Slight traces remain.


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