Badlingham Manor

  • Chippenham, Cambridgeshire
  • Monument Number 377578


Medieval moat and manorial complex, rectangular moat covering 1 acre, with the eastern side of the moat formed by the River Kennett, he moat measuring approximately 49 ft wide on its north, south and west sides.


1086                            The manor passed from Eddeva to Count Alan of Brittany.

1161-1163                   Held by Geoffrey le Franceis.

1178                            Held by Walter le Franceis.

1220-1236                   Held by Everard le Franceis.

1270                            Alan le Franceis held free warren over the manor

1302                            Alan’s widow, Amice, held the manor.

1316                            Amice le Franceis still held the manor.

1327-1332                   Held by Sir Matthew of Bassingbourn. Aerial Photograph.

1332                            Held by Sir Matthew’s son, Sir John.

1348                            Sir John Bassingbourn held the manor.

1345                            Sir John had settled the manor on his son, Richard and his wife Anne.

1372-1375                   Between: Sir Richard died.

1375                            Anne and her second husband, Roger Newant, held the manor.

1389                            Until: Occupied by Roger Newant. He leased it for £10 a year to Robert Bassingbourn.

1391                            Robert died and his sisters, Joan and Maud succeeded him.

1415                            Maud released her share to Joan for the remainder of her life.

1422                            Joan and her husband, Raynell, sold it to John, Lord Tiptoft.

1443                            John, Lord Tiptoft died and his widow, Joyce, held it.

1446                            Joyce died and her son, John, Earl of Worcester, inherited.

1452                            Timber was supplied for repairs to the manor.

1470                            John, Earl of Worcester, died, and it went to his son, Earl Edward.

1485                            Edward died without issue and it went to his father’s sisters Isabella, and Philippa, Lady Roos, wife of Sir Thomas Lovell.

*                                  Sir Thomas Lovell died and it went to his nephew, Sir Francis Lovell.

1552                            Sir Francis Lovell died and his son, Sir Thomas Lovell, inherited.

1567                            Sir Thomas Lovell died and left it to his widow, Elizabeth, for life, and then to his son, Sir Thomas.

16C                             New manor house built on the site.

1669                            Owned by Sir John Russell.

1674                            Leased by Benjamin Clarke and recorded as having 9 hearths.

1684                            Sir John Russell’s widow sold it to Samual Clarke, Lord of Snailwell.

1719                            Samual Clarke died and his son, Sir Robert, inherited.

1746                            Sir Robert died and his son, Sir Samuel, inherited.

1757                            Sir Samuel Clarke sold it to John Swale.

1797                            Bought by John Thorpe.

1804                            John Thorpe died and it became part of the Chippenham Estate.

19C                             Refurbished.

1939-1945                   World War II: A bomb landed in the moat and covered the front of the manor in mud.

1976                            Field Investigation.


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