Avenals Manor

  • Gamlingay, Cambridgeshire
  • Monument Number  366215


Medieval moat.


10000-4000 BC         Dating from: Mesolithic finds.

1114 C                       Dating from: Pottery finds.

1180                            Before: Manor held by William Avenel.

1195                            c: Possibly held by Walter Avenel.

1217/18                       Before: Walter was succeeded by Richard Avenel.

1229                            Held by Sir William Avenel.

1237                            Sir William Avenel died and was succeeded by his son, Robert, a minor.

1260                            c: Sir Robert Avenel died.

1276                            Held by John Avenel.

1279                            John Avenel held a market in the town every Tuesday.

1289                            Deer were stolen from the surrounding Deer Park.

1300                            John Avenel was succeeded by his son, William.

1331                            William Avenel died and was succeeded by his son, Sir John.

1359                            Sir John Avenel died and his son, John, inherited.

1383                            John Avenel died and his son, Robert, inherited.

1387                            Robert died without issue and a dispute arose between Peter and Margaret Courtney, claiming inheritance from John Droxford, who was William’s wife’s uncle, and Sir Robert Bealknap, who claimed a grant was issued giving him ownership should his marriage produce no issue.

1388                            The Crown leased the manor to William Joulet and David Russell, and the following month to Thomas, Duke of Gloucester.

1390                            The Courtneys gained control of the manor and then granted it to trustees, who then granted it to Sir William Argentine, John Potton and Alexander Sawell.

1400                            June: The above mentioned granted it to Sir Baldwin St. George.

1425                            Si Baldwin St. George died and his widow held the manor for their son, John.

*                                  John inherited.

*                                  John’s son, William, held the manor.

1472                            William died and his son, Sir Richard, held the manor.

1485                            Sir Richard died and his son, Thomas, was a minor. The lands were held in trust by Thomas Rotherham, Archbishop of York.

1494                            Thomas came of age and held the manor.

1540                            Thomas died and his son, Francis, held the manor.

1561                            Francis sold the manor and lands to Henry Brogrove.

*                                  John Gill held the manor.

1599                            John Gill sold it to Merton College.

1608                            Leased out.

1807                            The house is recorded as being old, built of timber, plastered and tiled, but in good condition.

1831                            The lease had abandoned the house and it was in need of repair.

1844                            The house still stood.

1967                            Merton College still held the manor.

1971                            Field Investigation.

1982                            Field Investigation.

1983                            Site leveled.


Remains of Avenals Manor


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