Burwell Castle


Arbury Camp

Avenals Manor

Badlingham Manor

Banstead Manor

Bassingbourne: John of Gaunt’s House: Bassinburn: Castle Manor

Belsars Hill: Belassise: Willingham: Alrehede

Bendish Hall: Bendyshe Hall

Biggin Abbey: Ditton: The Biggin

Bishop’s Palace: Ely Bishop’s Palace

Block Moor Ringwork

Borough Hill Enclosure

Bourne Hall: Bourne Castle: Burne: Brune

Brownings Farm: Westoe: Westoe Lodge

Burgh Manor House: Park Wood

Burwell Castle: Burewell: Springe Copse

Bury Yard

Bustelers Manor

Cambridge Castle: Grantabridge: Grantebrige: Grantabrycge: Cantebrigge: Castle Mound: Durolponte

Cambridge Dykes: Devil’s Dyke: Great Ditch: Devil’s Ditch: Reach Dyke: St. Edmunds Dyke.

Castle Camps: Campo: Village Defences

Caxton Moats: The Moats

Chesterton Tower: The Abbey: Rectory Farm

Childerley Hall

Choreley Castle: The Moats: Chevele

Crowland’s Abbey Manor: The Park 

Crowland’s Manor: Tenison Manor

Croxton Manor (Poss): Westbury Manor (Poss)

Doddington Palace: Manor Farm

Down Hall

Ely Castle: Cherry Hill Castle: Mill Hill

Flambards Manor

Fleam Dyke: High Ditch: Flem Ditch

Flecks Lane: Moynes Manor House (possibly): Moynes Grove

Gesyns: Ashley Manor House: The Gesyns: Geesings: Gesyns Moat

Giant’s Hill: Rampton Castle

Grandford Drove

Granhams Manor

Greens Manor: Merks Manor

Haddenham Causewayed Enclosure

Haslingfield Hall

Histon Manor Moat: Histon Denny Manor House

Horseheath Hall

Huntingfield Manor Farm: Huntingfield Manor House

Kingston Wood Farmhouse: Manor House

Kirtling Towers: Kirtling Hall: Catledge: Catlidg

Lacys Manor House


Limlow Hill: Limlow Hill Mound


Longstanton Bishops Palace

Lopham’s Hall: Lophams: Barbedor’s

Mallets Manor: Uphall

Manor Farm

Manor Farm: Manor of Evesden: Perrers Manor: Great Eversden Manor.

Manor Farmhouse: The Abingtons: Feugeres Manor

Mile Ditches

Moat House Farm: Library Farm: Queen’s College Farm

Morden Hall

Old Bottisham Hall

Overhall Grove

Papley Grove Farm

Park Lane: Olmstead: Holmstead Hall: Olmstead Hall

Ramsey Abbey; Booth’s Hill; Ramsey the Rich; Ramsey the Golden.

Sawston Hall

Shardelowes Manor

Shingay Hospitallers Preceptory

Stonea Camp

Stonea Grange: Stonea Roman Settlement

Swavesey Castle: Castle Hill

Swavesey Town Defences

Sylhall: Sylhall Manor

Temple Farm

The Chantry: Brettons: Bretton’s Manor: Bateman’s Chantry

The Round Moat: Whites Close

Tunbridge Hall Manor

Wandlebury Camp: Wandlebury

War Ditches

Waterbeach Abbey

Whittlesford Manor: Moat House

Wilbraham Road: Great Wilbraham Causewayed Enclosure

Wimpole Hall

Wisbech Castle: Wisbeach Castle: Wisbich: Wisbitche Castle

Wood House: Caryl’s Grove: The Manor House



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