Caldwell Castle: Caldwell: Caldwell Hall: Candalewel

  • Kidderminster, Worcestershire
  • OSGB – SO 8307 7622
  • Grade II Listed Building.


Possible prehistoric, Roman site. Fortified manor house with moat and hall.

Used as a cookery school.

Owned by Sir Ralph Clare.


12th                              c: Built.

1300                            Possibly dates from. Extensions added.

1325                            Hugh de Cooksey fortified the house.

1327                            Owned by the Cooksey family.

1347                            c: Possibly built by the Cooksey family.

1350                            c: Hugh de Cooksey’s son, Sir Walter de Cooksey, added the octagonal tower.

1498                            Thomas Cooksey died and the castle passed to the Winter family.

15th-16th C                   Octagonal tower built on site.

15th C                          Passed to Roger Winter.

1540-1546                   Itinerary of John Leland: Manor house.

1589                            Sold to Francis Clare.

1589                            After: When Francis Clare died, Sir Ralph Clare, his son, inherited the castle.

1670                            Sir Ralph Clare died.

1700                            c: Sir Ralph Clare, nephew to the previous Sir Ralph, had inherited the castle and built a Hall three storeys high adjoining the tower.

1777                            Until: Held by the Clare family.

1855                            c: George Turton owned the castle. He became the Mayor of Kidderminster

1897                            Acquired by Kidderminster Borough Council.

1961                            Kidderminster Town Council demolished Caldwell Hall.

1961-1969                   Excavated by C. Walker, Kidderminster and District Archaeology and History Society.

1977                            Kidderminster Town Council wanted to demolish the tower to make way for a car park. The demolition was not carried out as archaeologists opposed the decision.

1998                            Bought by Richard Davies, who restored what was left of it.

1998                            Assessment.



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