Burton-upon-Trent Abbey: Andresega: Manor House


Burton upon Trent Abbey Ruins.



  • Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire
  • OSGB – SL 251 227


*                                    Saxon, Medieval Abbey.

7th-9th C                         Founded by St. Modwen (Modwena).

1003                              Became a Benedictine Abbey.

1066-1087                     During: William I visited the Abbey.

1086                              Domesday: Mentioned.

1154-1189                     During: Henry II visited the Abbey.

1230’s                           Used as a safe house for counting the collected taxes.

1272-1307                     During: Edward I visited the Abbey.

1295-1322                     Between: The Abbot had to appear at parliament.

13th-14th C                     Approximately 30 monks at the Abbey

1310                              Said to be the smallest Abbey in England.

1414                              Henry V stayed at the Abbey.

1420’s                           Gatehouse rebuilt.

1433-1455                     North side of the gatehouse repaired.

1445-1470                     Dating from: Roof on the Abbey Inn.

1530’s                           High revenue recorded.

1532                              The Abbot had to appear at Parliament.

1539                              Dissolved?

1541                              Refounded as a college.

1545                              Abbey dissolved and granted to Sir William Paget.

1546                              Licence to crenellate granted to Sir William Paget.

1563                              Sir William Paget died.

1570’s                           Sir William’s son, Thomas, lived at the Abbey.

1574                              Guns recorded on the site.

1580                              Thomas Paget and his family lived on the site.

1585                              Decaying.

1612                              Called the Manor House site, leased to Richard Almond.

1635                              Part was lived in by Ellen Parker.

1711                              George Hayne leased the grounds.

1719-1726                     A new church was built.

1723                              George Hayne died and his brother, Henry, took over the lease.

1738                              Henry Hayne’s lease was renewed.

1757                              Henry Hayne died and his son, John, took over the lease.

1775                              John Haynes surrendered the lease.

1790’s                           Medieval gatehouse still standing.

1927                              Gatehouse buildings were demolished.

20th C                            Old infirmary now an Inn.


Burton Upon Trent Abbey



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