Beoley Castle: The Mount,


The Mount, Beoley



  • Bromsgrove
  • OSGB – SP 0655 6940
  • Scheduled Monument


Possible prehistoric earthwork, possible adulterine castle. Earthworks enclosing 1.5 acres. Mound measuring 250ft by 350ft and surrounded by a ditch measuring approximately 20ft deep, and an entrance and causeway to the north.


*                                  The top of the mound is ploughed.

*                                  Was a manor house or hunting lodge of the Beauchamp family.

1086                            Domesday: Owned by Pershore Abbey.

13th C                          Possible minor stronghold.

1303                            Burnt down.

14th C                          c: Abandoned.

1780                            Could still be seen.

18th C                          Nash reported it as being in ruins.

1988                            Scheduled.

1992                            Management Plan.

2006                            Aerial photograph.



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