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 Archaeology and the past are vital parts of education – here’s why….
  1. Become informed about what archaeology really is and its contributions to society.
  2. Learn from the mistakes of the past.
  3. Solidify understanding and connections to our social or national heritage,
  4. Understand past cultures where there are no written records.
  5. Understand we are the result of past societies and cultures, where we all come from and therefore respecting different cultures.
  6. Make better informed decisions for our future.
  7. Connect with like-minded students.
  8. Know that archaeology has economic importance – tourism, protection, etc
  9. Covers many areas of the curriculum, including, Social sciences, History, Maths, Environmental studies, Art, Questioning and Reasoning.
  10. In relation to future careers, it also contributes to the understanding of statistics, economics, politics, cultural geography, ecology, agricultural practices, linguists, interpretations, exhibitions and exhibits, etc


Most people believe the past is in the past and should be well left alone – but how can we make a better future for the next generation if we do not understand the past – and its mistakes – and ensure they are not repeated?

Archaeology is not just digging stuff up – it goes so much deeper than that. By providing immersive and educational experiences, you and your child/ren will gain a deeper understanding of Archaeology, obtain clarity, understanding, awareness and ensuring your students/children are motivated and encouraged whilst visiting museums and sites of archaeological and historical significance – and our resources are all set around the curriculum!

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