Blog – Garn Fawr Castle Mound; Garn Fawr Circle; Castell Waunllannu; Cnwe; Yr hen goer (The Old Castle).

Site in 2021


  • Carmarthenshire, Wales.
  • OSGB – SN 396237.
  • Coflein Monument Number – 303724.

Norman Ringwork Castle.

The site dates from between c.1066-1540 and has not yet had any serious archaeological investigation.

Within its immediate landscape are a natural spring and an old chapel, possibly associated with the original site.

The mound stands 6.1m high and measures 167.6m round, with the summit measuring 27.4m in diameter. There is a dip within the summit measuring 1.5m deep.

Surrounding the site is a ditch, which on the western side measures up to 1.82m deep. The entrance was located to the north-east. It is believed to have also once had a bank which there are now no visible signs of today.

There is scant evidence that it once had a bailey, as would be expected of the early motte and bailey type castles.

It is recorded that in 1860 a stone wall measuring 1.5m high and 1.8m wide was removed from the site. There is no other information about this structure. (Coflein. 2021).

The chapel site nearby was known as Llanfihangel Croesfeini. There is little known about this site and it may have been associated with Garn Fawr Castle Mound. It is located 50m north of the mound,

1844         The chapel was located within a field by the name of Lan Chapel (Coflein. 2021).

1847         The chapel was demolished.

1889         Recorded as the ‘site of’ on the OS map.


This site holds tightly onto its past. I have searched far and wide and this is the only information I have been able to ‘dig’ up.

If you have access to any more history or facts, please contact me below!


Site in 2005



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