Ad Pontem


  • Thorpe
  • Scheduled Monument – Monument Number 322257


Iron Age hut circle settlement, Roman fortlet, town, defences, enclosing approximately 1.4 acres and extended to 4.9 acres and  defended by a rampart and double ditch. The ditch system was separated by a 70 ft gap.

On the Fosse Way.

Had two phases of Iron Age construction.

Finds include a bronze bulls head, mule head.


1st C                             Constructed in a kite-shape.

1st-4th C                       Occupied.

2nd C                            Town grew on the site, and was surrounded by a stone wall – eventually.

3rd C                            Rebuilt in stone.

1950’s                         Aerial Photograph.

1952                            Excavated by R. R. Inskeep.

1955-1956                   Excavated by Ministry of Works.

1960                            Excavated by Ministry of Works.

1963-1965                   Excavated 

1972                            Field Investigation.

1993-1994                   Watching Brief by Trent and Peak Archaeological Trust.



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